How do I send updates to my supporters and donors?

Your supporters and donors LOVE to get updates from you so make sure you try and send out as many updates to your campaign as possible!

With Fundly, you are able to send updates in multiple ways

By Email
  1. Click on the "Email Tab" on your Dashboard/campaign page and send emails directly from our tools.

Post Updates
  1. When you are logged into your account you can post updates directly from your campaign page through the Blog link on top of the page.
  2. On this screen you can also send these updates directly to your social network accounts by clicking on the links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.,) on the left side of the Blog page.

Post Blog Updates with Photos
  1. On the same page, you also have the option to post an update with a photo and title.  
  2. Enter in a title and image and post directly to your favorite social networks with images!

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